The Veris Men’s Racing team consists of junior, WAIS scholarship holders and elite male cyclists. Elite and senior athletes serve as mentors for younger generations of cyclists within and beyond the team.

Whilst the team races and engages in National Road Series races, the real focus is on the development of athletes and not results.

The development pathway demonstrates to corporations and business that cycling is a valuable option for sponsorship and marketing investment. Our focus is to bring competitive cycling to the mass of riders in Perth.

Finally, the development pathway also demonstrates to corporations and private business that cycling is a worthwhile option for sponsorship and marketing purposes. Our focus is to bring competitive cycling to the masses of cyclists Perth enjoys.

See HERE for further information on the Veris Racing Team.


The women’s elite Veris Women’s Racing (VR) Team in Western Australia is a leading example of what can be achieved by people who come together with a common goal.

The team has a representation of senior experienced and young up and coming riders with a bright future. Senior riders provide leadership and advice to junior riders and provide a support network previously scarce in women’s cycling. The team also supports a development group with the aim of filtering into the registered team.

Competition includes supporting local club racing, state championships and National Road Series (NRS).  In 2016 the team also partnered with a European based initiative to support riders internationally.

The women’s team play a role in community events and spreading the cycling word and encouraging more women to ride bikes more often. Through the monthly “Liv Ride Perth”, our team members reach out to many women to help improve their confidence, skill and love for bike riding.

See HERE for further information on the Veris Women’s Racing Team.


Fundraising for the Foundation’s athlete development and racing programs will enable it to assist selected highly competitive cyclists to participate in local, national and international cycle racing events sanctioned by relevant governing bodies.

Funds are used to pay for

  • Coaching services
  • Cycling equipment
  • Training sessions
  • Travel costs and support staff.

Fundraising is via a mix of general purpose and specific “call to arms” campaigns, for purchasing equipment (bikes and wheels).