The Cycling Development Foundation are pleased to announce that Mary Tennant, our Chairperson for the previous two years has agreed to continue in the position for a further 12 months. Mary reflected on the last 12 months with the CDF: "I am pleased to accept the position as Chair of the Cycling Development Foundation (CDF) for 2022. The CDF was formed in 2016 to support cyclists and provide a platform for [...]

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NATIONAL ROAD SERIES (NRS) UPDATE Brad Hall, CDF Sports Director   It has been an incredible start to the 2022 season with 4 events occurring within 6 weeks of each other. This has all occurred within the back drop of an on boarding process commencing in September of 2021, which introduces each athlete to the training environment that exists at the Cycling Development Foundation NRS Racing (CDF) team. This allows athletes to [...]

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LAVERTON CYCLING PROJECT UPDATE Sabine Bird, Laverton Cycling Project Co-ordinator   The inaugural Laverton Cycling Program has begun! We have started our inaugural regular bike program in Laverton! This program sees us gathering kids and adults for bike rides and skills sessions and promote a healthier lifestyle in the community. One crucial part of this program is to liaise with various entities around town to build a viable group of riders, find [...]

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JUNIOR CYCLING ACADEMY UPDATE The Junior Cycling Academy, which is financially supported via the incredible efforts of Jim and Lisa Bond and Dave at Cashmanagement, serves a long term purpose of developing athletes toward high performance outcomes in cycling. We presently service athletes from mountain bike, cyclocross, road, track and BMX across an age spanning 7 to 18 years. Clearly each individuals needs are different and thus the training systems we employ [...]

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New CDF Treasurer

  NEW CDF TREASURER The Cycling Development Foundation would like to welcome Sofia Erhard onto the board as Treasurer. “I’m a keen cyclist and a strong promoter of physical activity for everyone. I also believe it’s important to share your hobbies and interests with a supportive group or team, which is where CDF is playing an important role. CDF encourages, supports and provides a platform for athletes of all ages and backgrounds [...]

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Perth – Laverton Cycling Classic 2021

2021 Perth – Laverton Cycling Classic   After months of preparation and fundraising, the Perth-Laverton Cycling Classic finally took place for the 18th – 25th of September. Day 1 saw our team assemble in Bayswater ready for an 8am departure. From there they headed north on the cycle path to Muchea, where they were greeted by the lovely ladies from the local CWA. After an amazing country morning tea, it was back [...]

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Laverton Cycling Project Update

August, 2021 Recently members of the Cycling Development Foundation travelled to Laverton as part of the Laverton Cycling Project initiative. This program has now been running for close to 5 years. What started out as a bike building and mentoring program has now morphed into a broader cycling program aimed at promoting cycling as a form of exercise, health, well-being, transportation, social facilitation, enjoyment and self-development for Indigenous, youth and community in [...]

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2022 Racing Announcement

After a disappointing 2 years of Covid-19 related interruptions Veris Racing is eagerly planning the 2022 season. Targeted racing events include the following: Australian Championships, January UCI Oceania Tour Professional Racing Invitations Belgium-Holland Racing Campaign, June-August National Road Series Events In line with the teams vision to provide excellent development opportunities for athletes, these provisional events provide goals for team members to focus and train toward across the 2022 calendar year. Sports [...]

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New CDF Board Member

New CDF Board Member The Cycling Development Foundation would like to welcome Julie De Jong to the board of the Foundation.   Julie has many years’ experience in the State public sectors, and has been involved in a diverse range of activities ranging from high level transformational change, project management and leadership of innovative solution development. Julie was with the former Department of Mines and Petroleum and prior to that the former [...]

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NEW MAJOR PARTNER – CHAMBER OF MINERALS AND ENERGY   The Cycling Development Foundation and Laverton Cycling Project are delighted to welcome the Chamber of Minerals and Energy as a major partner for the 2021 Perth-Laverton Cycling Classic.   We spoke to CME’s Chief Executive, Paul Everingham about why they chose to support the Perth-Laverton Cycling Classic: “CME regularly supports a range of organisations that seek to improve their local communities.  In [...]

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