The Cycling Development Foundation (CDF) engages with organisations in delivering health and wellness outcomes for employees and associates whilst also offering exercise based events that tie community in with the organisation. This delivers health and community based outcomes to organisations interested in advancing both aspects through their direct association. The CDF also tasks their female and junior members with project management roles across the administration and delivery of these events, education for skill-sets beyond sport itself. We tie these tenants of health and community through various initiatives:

  • Onsite health and wellness exercise testing and training  for corporate and public service organisations in Perth WA that include a health and wellness initiative. This program helps educate employees and associates about the ideal exercise time for maximal advantage. Physical fitness measures and well-being outcomes are also explored across the exercise session and relayed back to the attendee’s through an informal seminar held directly after the exercise session. These measures can be used to evidence the potent role of exercise in improving health, well-being, mood and even productivity in the work place.
  • Exercise events for organisations is a flow on from the onsite health and wellness session. These can include walking, cycling and other related events held fortnightly or monthly for employees and associates of an organisation. From the testing session to actual exercise events, held alongside our female and junior cyclists, we hope to begin to assist in implementation of exercise culture within and around organisations.
  • Community based health events open up exercise events for the entire community, not just the organisation. This demonstrates the organisations commitment to community as an extension of their own culture of health and wellness. These events can be held regularly or annually and can aid a nominated charity or cause. The CDF female and junior cyclists are also tasked with project managing different aspects of the events administration and organisation. These events could include: pop up cafe’s for cyclists commuting to work; organised exercise events starting and finishing from the organisations premises; etc.
  • Charity rides for fund raising using the organisations name sake. Charity rides of one or more days can be held, with tailored training and instruction provided prior the event, to raise awareness of the benefits of exercise and your own nominated charities cause. The CDF can tailor the event to your own specifications, having extensive experience in the area of event management and planning. The CDF can also arrange Gala fundraising events to assist in delivering capital to your nominated cause or charity

The Cycling Development Foundation aims to assist Junior and Female cyclists navigate sport from elementary levels right through to elite ranks in Australia and Europe. We recognize the critical involvement of community in any demanding endeavor and as such seek to educate our cycling members of the need to ‘give back’ to community that essentially supports the individuals and team. The CDF hopes to increase community engagement in exercise through a unique service offering that elevates organisations status both internally and externally of the entity.