In-school Activities and skills learnt during early childhood have multiple benefits – development of balance and fine motor skills, sense of play, fitness, enjoyment and recognition.  Many cyclists say to us that they “…wished they’d started when they were younger…” and we’re here to help, with our In-school Programs.

Junior training opportunities are offered through the Foundation’s contracted cycle training service provider, where young junior riders are introduced to structured training and may choose to target specific events.

Training is conducted appropriate to age and physical development. Senior and experienced racing cyclists serve as mentors to the juniors and provide advice prior, during and after competition. Junior cyclists are encouraged to report regularly on their experiences providing a measure of accountability and reflection.

It is about development of young adults as much as young cyclists. 

Development Squad Junior riders that progress sufficiently may be invited to become an official Development Squad member, whereupon they are required to agree to a number of conditions prior to acceptance into the squad, including becoming a Member of the Foundation, demonstrating a standard of fitness and aptitude for progression, providing a commitment to be responsible for their health and preparation and also to maintain certain standards of educational commitment for the duration of the program.

Development Squad riders are branded off the men and women racing teams, to encourage the athlete’s sense of achievement and leverage the racing team’s sponsorship and contribution to junior development.

WAIS (Western Australian Institute of Sport) From time to time the Foundation and WAIS may identify talented junior athletes for progression into a WAIS scholarship and/or WAIS junior cyclist may be the recipient of developmental resources and travel expenses from the Foundation.


Growing the Base

The women’s program was established in response to the under-representation of females in cycling, in both participation for fitness and recreation (only 30%) and racing (only 5%).

Our “Growing the Base” initiative welcomes and encourages women from all levels and backgrounds to be active through cycling and to ride for recreation, fitness or competition.

At the peak of this collective development pathway sits a women’s racing team, to demonstrate that women can be competitive and compete at the highest level.

How do we do it

We provide:

  • Access to information and resources on how women can improve their cycling.
  • Training for beginner and entry level women, for road riding, triathlons, or club competitions;
  • Identification and support for women’s development role models that can demonstrate to others how they took their riding to the next level;
  • a junior development program for young women between the ages of 14 and 17 years and
  • social and community events for women cyclists, such as charity rides, group rides and group information workshops.

Women’s Junior Development

The junior program seeks to introduce more young women to the sport of cycling and retain them through their formative years whilst reinforcing the importance of growth, balance, health, fitness and education.

Commencing with an In-school program, we also offer pathways to the 14-17y.o. development program under the guidance of professionally qualified adult female coaches.

Liv Ride Perth

The women’s program delivers a monthly social ride for women only in Perth and actively seeks women of all abilities and levels to come down and have a go. The ride is highly inclusive – having a chat on the bike in an enjoyable and safe environment is the key!!

Fully supported by experienced riders, members of the women’s racing team and accredited coaches, the monthly Liv ride is very popular and is one of the favourite community events for women on bikes in Perth.