The CDF is committed to promoting, supporting and providing for the development and increased participation rates of junior, female and male cyclists. The Laverton Cycling Project was developed as a result of consultation with stakeholders in the Laverton Community and has provided programs for children and adults over the past few years. As a result of our commitment to the children of Laverton we have provided bikes, assisted children to take charge of bike maintenance and run bike training programs that cover road safety, skills and bike management.


Using bikes on loan from the Laverton Community School and the Youth Centre our coaches were met by multiple children eager to get started. We began with a skills session; attendees built a track using their imagination and whatever they could find laying around in the near environment. We were amazed to witness the skills the children have riding bikes over seesaws and obstacles, and we quickly realised we had a talented and eager group.


Lunch was kindly prepared by some Laverton adult residents and consisted of vegetarian sandwiches and lots of fruit – grapes and oranges being a popular choice. In the afternoon we headed out on our bikes for a tour of the area, led by the children. The focus of this ride was bike safety and bike handling.


In the evening we were joined by a group of 7 adults to take a torchlight ride through the desert. As we rode, we heard stories about their experiences and the roles they play in the community. It was fantastic to have engagement from a broad age range of the community, youths through to adults.


The next day word was out with attendance escalating with the original group reattending in addition to the arrival of several other excited and eager youths. The local Double Gee thorns provided ample opportunity to teach the riders how to change and repair a flat tyre, with one child being particularly helpful in teaching the others, fulfilling a mentoring and role. The schedule comprised skills training and more fun with unstructured play and cycling going hand in hand.


Other activities included bike riding through the bush to the racecourse, and the yabby dam.

It was amazing to see such an appetite and drive for adventure and how the youth, their bikes and the time invested in the bike program gave them happiness and freedom, whilst enhancing their skills and providing them with positive time with their peers.


In September 2021 the Laverton community are holding a triathlon and another of our activities on another day was to prepare the children for this event. Lunch provided a to speak to the child who designed this year’s Perth-Laverton Classic riders’ jersey, he explained his inspiration and the meaning he ascribes to his design. His winning jersey design will be used as the template for the 2021 Perth Laverton Cycling Classic team jersey, to be worn for the entirety of the event by the riders when they ride from Perth to Laverton in September.


Finally, on Friday afternoon the week was topped off by the long-awaited Laverton Scramble Track Handicap! Here each cyclist had a start time based on their ability. A fantastic opportunity for each child to test their skills and fitness. We had no clear winner, but lots of happy smiles, giggles and we hope some fantastic memories. That’s real winning. Children went home with bags of fruit and happy smiles.