The Laverton Cycling Project & Healthway GO FOR 2&5 SCHOOL HOLIDAY CYCLING PROGRAM

The Laverton community has experienced some challenges due to Covid in the very recent past and group activities for the indigenous youth and community were inaccessible for most (if not all) in March this year. It was therefore a relief for us to see the town recover and emerge again from isolation in time for our April school holiday cycling program.


With the generous support of a “Healthway Go For 2&5”-grant we were able to bring our lovely and passionate volunteer bike mechanic, Rod, along, who helped fix some little and big bike, showed some children how to use the tools and develop an eye for the finer parts of a bike.


Many of these bikes were donated over the past months and years, and ridden regularly in the bush and on gravel. As a result, these bikes experience a lot of wear and tear. Rod provided some major relief by tinkering, fixing and patching up bikes to ensure everyone had one to ride.


This month’s sessions included guiding the little kids through some road safety drills, and an excursion with the older kids to their country. A nice conversation with some of the teenage youths showed their desire for playing sports and riding a bike when it’s possible to them.


While fruits, veggies, and crackers might be common foods in the city, they are much harder to come by in remote towns. Thus, our box of goodies to provide for the Healthway 2&5 message was certainly well received.


We continue to improve our program, have conversations with everyone involved on-site and show a presence in town to ensure that everyone understands how genuine our desire is to help provide a cycling program in this town and ultimately, to facilitate a better lifestyle in the community, in particular for the indigenous youths.


Thank you to Healthway for partnering with us again this year, every cent was spent very well.