Through partnerships with corporations and industry representatives, members of the Cycling Development Foundation are able to race nationally and internationally in exchange for their assistance in attending and managing community based initiatives aimed at further developing areas in need. Connor is one such athlete who gives back to community whilst also competing at a high level internationally. We hear from Connor around his recent racing experience at the Irish national Time Trial Championships:

“On Thursday the 22nd of June I had my Irish National Time Trial (TT). The course was held out of Johnstown Castle and went down to Kilmore Quey and back totalling 34km. The few days leading into the TT I could tell I was on good form. On the day of the TT I had everything prepared 110% and left absolutely nothing to chance. For me it was one of the best paced Time Trials I have ever ridden. I managed to negative split each of my set markers and lifted my power and speed each time.

Overall I ended up in 11th place and I was 5th U23 which I was extremely happy with.

I had a couple days rest for the Road Race (RR) which was on Sunday the 25th. The RR was 9 laps of roughly a 19km circuit totaling 170km. The course itself was challenging, with some sections of road that would be fitting for Paris-Roubaix. The race was on from the word go with the top professional riders wanting to reduce the size of the 140 man bunch as quick as possible. Lucky for me I was in a perfect position to be able to go with the pros when they made their moves in the short punchy climbs.

Over the course of the race multiple moves went making it a hard day in the saddle; constantly chasing down breaks and trying to follow moves. With about 2.5 laps to go the big guns really put the power down and caused a big split in our small bunch. Unfortunately for me they caught me at a time where I was in a spot of bother and I missed the move, but thankfully was still in the 2nd or 3rd bunch on the road.

I was extremely happy with my result from the RR finishing in 25th overall and I think 7th U23.

This experience for me was one of the best I have had in my entire life. Having racing in other countries so close to where I am living makes it so much easier for someone like me to ride the national championships when they would normally be half way across the world.

Now for me I am focusing on starting to get some results in the 2nd half of the season and keeping up the progress I have been making. I owe a huge amount of this to the Veris Racing team, primary sponsor Veris Limited, the Cycling Development Foundation for making all of this possible for a young teenager like myself to go follow my dream racing in Europe. ”



Connor is involved in community initiatives, like our ride to work day, and competes at an international level