The Cycling Development Foundation houses and manages the Veris Racing Team of female, junior & male athletes. Applications are open now

Racing cyclists are encouraged to register their interest in joining the Veris Racing Team. The team is set up to deliver athletes opportunity through national and international racing exposure through a system that delivers training, coaching, mentoring, community and social engagement

Racing for Veris

At present the Veris Racing Team (VRT) offers the following benefits of U19 and above membership:

  • Yearly coaching and training systems whereby the team regularly trains together and toward a common cause. We are big on team work
  • Access to National Racing Series, the highest level of racing in Australia for under 19 and above aged athletes
  • Access to European racing campaign
  • Engagement through community endeavors that furthers opportunity to those that do and do not ride a bike. This is a cornerstone of the VRT membership, to give back
  • Access to scientific grade testing and training facilities. We believe in objective data in driving decision making
  • Access to quality industry partner’s equipment and accessories, such as cycling clothing, helmets, bicycles and other related items
  • The above is provided for no charge to VRT athletes

To register your interest in joining the VRT please email us here

Development Squad

The VRT development program is a training squad that allows for under age riders, or riders of developing abilities to enter the pathway prior to VRT membership. Benefits of this program, for U13 and above, are similar to the above with a few exceptions as follows:

  • Riders access significant discounts on the yearly coaching, testing and training systems reduced 30% the usual costing
  • Support through Australian Sports Foundation funding for cycling related pursuits
  • Industry partners equipment and accessories are provided for sponsored discounts
  • Access to scholarships offsetting the cost of racing and training

To register your interest in joining the VRT development program please email us here

Athlete Expectations

Athletes must have a prior racing history, documented results and demonstrate a comprehensive training background to be able to enter VRT. The development pathway is more open ended as far as prior racing and training history requirements, in that we use the pathway to groom athletes for elite sport.

We use Vo2max power testing on each individual to gauge fitness attributes then allow each candidate 6weeks of training (at our facility and outdoor sessions, for no charge) before retesting to measure the improvements in Vo2max power. All athletes are expected to follow and maintain a training program. As a guide the following values are required as a minimum:

Men: 6w/kg peak power; 20hrs+ training per week

Women: 5.5w/kg; 15hrs+ training per week

Development pathway: 5w/kg; ability to attend key sessions through the week with schooling seen as the main priority

Upon successful application to the VRT it is important all team riders understand resources for the program are offered in exchange for community and social service. Meaning the riders themselves are contracted to perform certain tasks and engage in community events central to the Cycling Development Foundation partners interests. We see a large part of our service to athletes is in assisting them with skill-sets that extend beyond sport itself.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information

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