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The Laverton Cycling Project started out as a 2 week exercise and mentoring program for local youths and indigenous youths in the greater Laverton area.

This program delivered in July 2018 was met with real success. Hosted alongside the Laverton school and with support from the Laverton Leonora Cross Cultural Association, the program mentored youths through the rebuilding of second hand bicycles.

This process requires the use of fine motor skills, rapport building, complex problem solving, and more.

The exercise program educated youths, and other adults in the local community, how exercise could be brief (15mins), effective, improve state well-being, and of benefit to health, whilst using cycling as the modality for exercise.

Combining the two programs enabled individuals to access cycling as a form of transport, exercise, health improvement, freedom/autonomy, and sport.

It is our aim to increase awareness of cycling as a worthwhile exploit in this area and to increase participation through a Laverton Cycling club that runs sessions weekly utilising local individuals as members to run a sustainable long term program.

To play a part in creating opportunities for this community, you can participate in events directly associated with the project or make donations through the Australian Sports Foundation for private tax deductibility.