In additional to our elite nationally registered racing teams we have recently added a recreational-competitive racing team for older cohorts looking to embrace cycling through competitive racing; social support and institute level training systems.

Alongside these goals the Supporters Team seeks to assist mature athletes via the following:

• Access inclusive and compassionate social support structures around racing and participation
• Introduce cyclists to racing and competitive environments who may/may not have prior experience
• Provide access to institute levels of training, preparation, testing and monitoring
• Access insight and information pertaining to the Elite Racing Teams and the community programs that support and nurture their own development


Training is facilitated through the Exercise Institute, a major partner of the Cycling Development Foundation.

Exercise Institute specialise in athlete testing and training and have empirical, tertiary and practical experience in developing athletes across a multifaceted approach to human performance development.

Masters athlete needs are unique to this cohort, and to each individual, thus EI utilises a vast array of testing, training, monitoring, and programming systems to augment a best practice approach to you development

We have several racing and training memberships that start at $25/month, and also provide discounts at our team partners, such as Pedal Mafia, R&D Speedshop, Pharmacy 777, and more.


We have a range of female and male masters athletes of varying experience and fitness levels

Female’s presently make up 37% of the rider group

Racing involves the following associations, to name a few:

 –  WestCoast Masters Racing
– AusCycling sanctioned events
– Australian Time Trial Events

We also focus on other community cycling events, including:

Perth Laverton Cycling Classic
Red Sky Ride

To find out more about our program please register your interest via the webform below: