The Cycling Development Foundation (CDF), as owner of the Veris Cycle Racing teams, is pleased to announce a new partnership with Euroz LimitedWA’s pre-eminent capital markets group.

Euroz representative Brett Stapleton commented that

“Euroz’s corporate philosophy has long been to give back to the broader WA community, because WA has been integral to our growth and progression since we started in 2000”.

He also said that Euroz saw the extended reach of the CDF’s cycling teams throughout WA as offering a unique means to reach those broader communities, through cycling based events.

“Cycling has been such an important part of my life, both professionally and socially, and we see a great opportunity for Euroz to work with the CDF and make a meaningful impact to a number of worthy causes in the WA community.”

He said that Euroz encouraged its staff to give their time to philanthropic interests they were passionate about and that partnering with CDF offered excellent opportunities for this.

Under the partnership, Veris Racing athletes will assist and support riders across a number of events as ambassadors for Euroz, specifically with the intent to raise funding for youth mentoring programs in the Goldfields as well as other charitable pursuits.  It is a requirement of the CDF’s athlete development programme that its riders contribute to such causes.

CDF director, Mark Hedges commented that it was very exciting that Euroz recognised the community engagement opportunities of partnering with the CDF, through the mode of cycling.

“We are greatly appreciative of Euroz’s involvement – for us it represents corporate recognition of Veris Cycle Racing teams’ work with various charitable causes over the past two years.  It’s also a testament to the qualities of our riders as individuals.”

He said the CDF’s charity work was growing and had delivered strong community relationships and demonstrated tangible benefits to communities.