Solaris Cancer Care’s philosophy is simple :  “everything we do is centred around assisting a person diagnosed with cancer to live well”

The Cycling Development Foundation, via the Veris Racing team, is pleased to announce a partnership to host and manage WA’s premier cycling participation event in the Red Sky Ride, a key fundraising venture for Solaris. Veris Racing athletes will assist and support riders across this event concurrent with the management of the event being facilitated by the CDF.

Solaris Cancer Care offers unconditional support to all people in Western Australia affected by cancer, including carers and family members, through all stages of the illness, including long term survivors and bereaved families. Services included in their remit are:

  • professional counselling
  • evidence based education
  • facilitated workshops
  • regularly updated library
  • seminars
  • wellness coaching
  • extended courses
  • regular news updates
  • home and hospital visits

Solaris CEO David Edwards is pleased to partner with the CDF and the Veris Racing team;

“our organisations have significantly aligned missions to foster wellness and give back to the community. As an elite racing team, Veris provides us with the expertise and support to deliver a peak event with a positive purpose”

Additionally, CDF Chairman Associate Professor Dr. Craig Pennell was excited by this new synergy;

“the new relationship is an indication of the two entities shared interests in cycling and desire to harness cycling as a modality to assist charitable organisations raise much needed capital. To have our Veris Racing athletes assist and support riders across this event, and event fundraising, demonstrates our athletes ability to think beyond sport outcomes alone”

The Red Sky Ride, now in its 11th year, commences in early March and brings together approximately 20 corporate cyclists in completing over 500 km’s in just 4 days, more information on the event and donations can be found here