Sabine’s RAAM 2019 Team


A big WELCOME to Scott Sutton – the last member to join Team Bean for RAAM 2019.
We are very excited to have him on board as he is not only a much needed paramedic but also his reputation to be a diligent, 
hard-working and super nice guy precedes him. Scott is already experienced in crewing and is keen to tackle the harsh challenges 
that are imposed on the crew at RAAM. Being a cyclist himself, he understands the needs and problems for bike riders in endurance 
events, and on top of it all he knows how to survive on little sleep,given that he is a father of two young children… 
Please read his brief summary and motivation to join Team Bean next year.


“My name is Scott, and I am proud to be the final member of “The Bean’s” support team for RAAM 2019! Just like in primary school sports, I am used to being the last one picked for a team… As a Paramedic for St John Ambulance WA for the past 21 years, my role on Bean’s support team will be to provide fist aid/medical support. Also driving a support vehicle, and probably whatever tasks none of the other crew want to perform…. With good preparation and a great team surrounding Sabine, the only skills I hope to draw on during the event will be my bad jokes, and ability to drive long distances at night.”


I am in absolute awe of Sabine’s achievements to date, and have complete faith in her ability to tackle the RAAM head on and complete it!


I am looking forward to the excitement, energy, and fun over the next 15 months as we help Sabine prepare, and then for 12 days of utter insane, sleep deprived, madness as we cross the USA!