Sabine’s RAAM 2019 Team


shannonI remember offering Sabine my support in April 2017 for her solo 24 hour race – Delirium, down in Busselton, WA. I just thought I would be doing a bit of cheering .. “support” took on a whole new meaning! Helping out John, I became the time keeper, position status updater, cheer squad, social media person and even foot masseuse(!) all while being sleep deprived. Since then, I’ve also been support crew for her at Revolve 24 in South Australia in January 2018. I find the endurance process fascinating and am in awe of people who can push themselves to the absolute limit and then some.  I have complete faith in Sabine and am excited to work with everyone in Team Bean to get her over the line – it’s going to be one epic ride!


erinMy name is Erin (people call me Ezz) and I am a proud member of the Team Bean RAAM support crew.

Qualifying for RAAM is one thing most people can only imagine with awe, but actually competing in the event is colossal.  I couldn’t think of anything more satisfying than doing whatever I can to assist my team mate and close friend achieve her goals at this monumental feat.

I have travelled and raced with Sabine for just over 12 months and I know with absolute certainty that if anyone can do this, ‘The Bean’ can.  I feel a huge sense of privilege and honour to be one  of “The Bean” RAAM support team and I will get a massive amount of satisfaction from being part of the journey over the next 18 months as we all get busy preparing for the adventure that lays ahead.  What I look forward to the most are the many ‘moments’ we will go through as a team in this expedition.

There is so much that needs to be done to even get to the start line but my role/s during the event, along with the other support crew, are to provide endless bad jokes and singing while being one of the drivers, along with my culinary skills, calorie counting and nutrition advice.  This will not be easy and will take 18 months of education for Sabine to become accustomed to eating while riding and taking instruction from others (not one of her strengths).  I will also be on security detail and we will all be very active in the social media space so stay tuned for many shits and giggles, tears and triumph but importantly loads of laughs.


claudiaWhy on earth would I want to support RAAM the toughest endurance race in the world you ask????

Well my name is Claudia and all I want to do is support my friend and cycling buddy Sabine achieve the pinnacle of endurance challenges.

When Sabine qualified for RAAM I just thought I want to be part of this epic adventure. Do I have what it takes? I sincerely hope so!

I am a physiotherapist and I am hoping to help Sabine with physio and medical advice. I also love long distance driving (yes I can drive on the RIGHT side of the road). Other strengths of mine would include to sleep whenever, wherever, be a positive and supportive person and I can think on feet. Communication and team work are daily tasks for me and come easy.

I have been exposed to sports nutrition and nutritional advice and hope to assist the nutritionist of the crew with anything, if needed.

There is one more important thing to mention, I really wanted to be on the support crew team- I am German just like Sabine and I will be able to yell praise and abuse in our mother tongue if need be! When the going gets tough the tough gets going and then the other crazy German girl from Cologne will be on call.

Sabine is inspirational and her determination is my motivation!


seanBlonde, 6’2, 210lbs of Aussie know how with a passion for all things mechanical and electrical. I see being part of RAAM 2019 in support of The Bean as a worthy challenge of endurance and practicality. We just have to punch through all barriers of pain and fatigue to finish…….coffee will be mandatory!



johnAs Bine’s (aka Bean) husband, I am always there to support and encourage with her cycling ambitions, regardless of how crazy they may be at times. The prospect of RAAM is so immense, it elicits a buzz just thinking of what it will take to do this.  The race may only last 12 days, but this journey will last 18 months. It is the great challenges and the adventure of it, along with the camaraderie of the team that makes these epic events so worthwhile. Bring it on!