Claire Tyrell is one of Sabine’s latest crew additions and brings a wealth of experience around journalism and event reporting, we hear from Claire,

“I met Sabine during Delirium in 2017 – we both rode the 24-hour event, but while I switched out with my team mates every hour Sabine kept chugging away at the course alone.

I was in awe of her determination and understated brilliance as she humbly accepted the Solo 24-hour World Champion medal after setting the female course record of 729.2km.

Sabine is unlike anyone I met and her ability to endure through the toughest conditions and emerge with a smile on her face simultaneously baffles and inspires me.

If anybody has got what it takes it to get through the toughest bike race in the world, it’s Sabine.

As a journalist and a cyclist I am fascinated with ultra-endurance cycling and the demands it places on the human body and mind.

During RAAM I will be documenting Sabine’s journey and doing everything I can to promote the sport and the inspirational characters it attracts. “