Resource Assets  have confirmed support for the Laverton Cycling Project (LCP).

Resource Assets have a long history of being involved in the region and see the project as a great way to support this community.

Ashley Johns the company Secretary/Director commented;

“Resource Assets are very proud to sponsor this event. All directors and shareholders of Resource Assets are delighted to get behind two riders of this event Michael Bowden and Brett Stapleton (Euroz Associate Directors). We have been fortunate to find and develop numerous mineral assets in the region and it is a small way we can put back into the goldfields in we dearly love.”

The chair of the Cycling Development Foundation, Mary Tennant, also reiterated the importance of sharing this collaborative journey of cycling sustainability for the Laverton region;

“We are immensely humbled by the generosity of Resource Asset’s partnership here and the introduction to this socially conscious company through Brett and Michael at Euroz. We take great pride in being able to work alongside a large cross section of the Laverton community and could not do this without the generous support from companies similar to Resource Asset’s.”