Your donations are vital to helping us achieve our objectives – CDF is a Not For Profit, which means very dollar goes toward providing services and opportunities for advancing cycling and funded cyclists. Fundraising Campaigns are critical to the Foundation’s operations, so please click here to make a tax-deductible donation for:

  • Junior Development,
  • Equipment Purchase,
  • Training Services,
  • Travel Fund for State and National Cycling Championships,
  • Travel Fund for Women Specific European racing,

Corporate contributions will be handled face to face to ensure corporate contributions are aligned to achievement of corporate KPI’s – click here for a draft sponsorship agreement.

Funds are used to create event materials, provide resources and pay for staff and coaches time. Fundraising for these activities will be sought from a mixture of both grass-roots voluntary donations and corporate contributions, as part of the corporate world’s corporate social responsibility KPI’s.


Please download our detailed documentation from here (PDF – 2MB, click on link or right click and select “save as”). It contains comprehensive information on the Foundation’s goals as well as partner opportunities, benefits and support tiers.


Fundraising for the Foundation’s development programs will enable it to reach out to cyclists through

  • “Come and Try” days: Facilitated by the Exercise Institute, come and try days enables riders of all levels to access to free training sessions.
  • Community participation rides: The CDF can deliver a ride in your own or your companies name to raise funds for a chosen benefactor, a great way to engage with the community through cycling.
  • Ride to work events: We host a monthly ‘ride to work day’ where free coffee and a specialist mechanic provide services to commuters and riders. Hundreds of cyclists stop for a free bike check, coffee and meet our athletes
  • Corporate activity days: Facilitated via the Exercise Institute, these corporate days enable employees to learn more about optimising training time by ‘how to fit one hour of exercise into 20 minutes of training’. A seminar can be delivered to highlight how physical activity can benefit mental health, wellbeing and productivity in the work place.
  • Coaching clinics: Private group training or personal training and coaching sessions facilitated by the Exercise Institute.
  • In-school events: we have successfully run school cycling programs for children in skills, safety and basic maintenance for young cyclists.

All listed events and programs can be packaged into sponsorship arrangements depending on viability and preference, and can include event title sponsorship.

We champion your brand or business into the community in a professional and engaging capacity.


Partnering with our not-for-profit association enables management and riders to advocate your organization publicly via website recognition, social media platforms and directly at in-the-field days that span a diverse range of events, related to, but not limited to cycling.

Having collateral and representatives at these events will demonstrates commitment to community development and furthering junior and women’s cycling.  Corporate branding will be used to spearhead all marketing campaigns.

There are also many opportunities for your staff and management to join in the fun, either riding or as an opportunity for brand exposure.

Donors will also be part of an constantly growing network in the cycling community. Further information can be downloaded HERE.


Fundraising for the Foundation’s athlete development and racing programs will enable it to assist selected highly competitive cyclists to participate in local, national and international cycle racing events sanctioned by relevant governing bodies.

Funds are used to pay for

  • Coaching services
  • Cycling equipment
  • Training sessions
  • Travel costs and support staff.

Fundraising is via a mix of general purpose and specific “call to arms” campaigns, for purchasing equipment (bikes and wheels).